All about website


If google play store had a website, actually it already does. But is a website to download free android apps, software, and games. The about page for is minimal.

The admin introduces himself as an aspiring IT Professional. is user friendly and organized. is also quite colorful. The site is accessible and is not cluttered. The interface of is simple and clean. 

All about website

Tips and Fixes on p> has a separate blog on the website. Only one post is available under each Tip and HotFix.

For the Tips on, the article is on BDIX sites and FTP servers. But, there is no content. The title appears to be hyperlinked. Once clicked, it does not redirect you. has a poll available in the article. The voting poll asks visitors If, “Is it working?”. As to what “it” is, can either be the article. Or, the tips provided work for the visitors. Only two visitors have voted on 

The article on BDIX sites was published in April 2019 on Here is another website, that is along the lines of what had published. 

A hotfix on is regarding the Windows 10 Start Menu. If you are having issues with the Windows start menu, head over to for a quick fix.’s solution is available to download for free. 

Q&A on

reserver-spaces="true">This section is for user questions regarding any field of technology. The questions can be filtered by All, Open, Resolved, Closed, and Unanswered. It is convenient. 

Questions on can also be sorted by popularity and the latest questions. There is also an option to ask a question. To do so on, you can either type out your question and attach an image along. 

While submitting your question on, you can categorize it. There is only one category available on, i.e Questions. also requests your for your name and email id, to ask a question. 

After filling in the details, you can submit your tech question on As of now, has no questions answered. Maybe nobody has asked a question. Or is yet to answer your query. on Social Media:

rver-spaces="true">On the side, you can see Facebook, and twitter links. There are two facebook hyperlinks on

One is redirected to the Admin’s Facebook profile. The other to a Facebook page called Techsflow. The techsflow Facebook page is not very active. The last post was in April this year. However, it requires the user to log in to access their site. 

The twitter account is also of the admin of the page. is not active on social media networks. has a techsflow logo on the left-hand side as well. The full form of is unknown. 


-spaces="true">At the bottom of the site, has an email id. is a relatively new website. is only 10 months old. 

The email id given is

How to access

paces="true"> can be accessed via It has the exact homepage as However, the new site is much more versatile.

On one hand, had not been updated. While has an updated blog, on all questions regarding one’s IP address. The post is detailed and well explained. If you have queries about your IP address and its privacy, head over to

All about website

The newer i.e techsflow also has a shop option. The website allows visitors to purchase google play gift cards. The shop also includes Pubg mobile royale pass. Players can purchase them by using their player id and player name. did not have the “shop” option. Although is still around, it is inactive. The counterpart, is what you should visit. Free fire diamonds are also available to purchase on

What is used for?

"true">On one hand, the website claims you can download android software and games. There are also options for movies, audios, videos, and software.

To access this ideally, when you click on one of the three options, you will see an array of movies or software. Depending on what you want to explore. But on the promises of free software and movies are unkept. 

When you click on the first option, the software tab, you are not redirected. Nothing happens. Moving along to the second option of movies. Maybe you should just buy that ticket to watch a movie! Because has no free movies to offer. 

But, again, the website does not even flinch. It does not bring up a big list, or any list at all! However, the last option is audios and videos. You would expect to see either a selection of songs or funny videos to see.

With options to download for anything you like. Yet again, starts refreshing and takes you to- no not Coachella. But instead to their Q&A page. This is odd. 

Let’s compare this is to the updated Techsflow title tag reads “A site where tech support can be found.” This is a drastic change from Both websites have different agendas.

On there is also a detailed “About Me” section! Curious about the curator of and Come on, check it out! The admin aims to help share his knowledge, while also gathering knowledge in return. This is done by answering questions that are submitted related to any aspect of the tech world!

The aim of unlike is your one-stop to tech questions. Think of Yep, similar. But what makes different? The person running it is self-taught in computer science. 

Giving access to free software, that usually incur a cost is illegal.

This could have led to bringing about The new and updated website has a simple yet colorful homepage. A curious mind and an envisioning eye are what brought about 

Have a question about the software? Or want to degoogle your phone? Head over to, now known as to get all your answers!

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